In addition to creating your online store, the ND Marketplace staff will take an active role in ensuring that your store and the way in which you conduct your online business follows both university and government regulations. By briefing the Advisory Council on your requested activity, we ensure that legal, tax, licensing and data security issues are adequately addressed. However, it is still required that you as the store operator understand your duties to the customers with regards to payments, refunds, shipping, etc. prior to beginning your online business. Please review the latest version of Notre Dame’s E-commerce Guidelines [pdf]. You will be required to submit a signed copy of this as part of the approval phase.

Additional useful resources can be found by viewing the following sites:

Federal Trade Commission - Federal Codes and Regulations

State of Indiana - Commerce Codes and Regulations

Policy, Procedures, and Guidelines

Guidelines and policies for conducting e-commerce within ND Marketplace and at the University of Notre Dame