For Student Groups:

If you are a student group that is interested is selling tickets or merchandise online, you're in luck. Student Shop ND is an existing site run by the Student Activities Office which is available for your use. To get started, visit the SAO webpage.

For University Departments:

The ND Marketplace provides a structured 5 step approach to making your online store a reality. The amount of time required by this process will vary with demand for storefronts and the nature of your business, but will roughly be 6 to 10 weeks.

Discovery Phase (1 week)

After you submit a request to join the ND Marketplace, we will schedule the Clarification Meeting, where we will begin to discuss your expectations, requirements and constraints for the project.

Approval Phase (2 - 4 weeks)

One result of the Clarification Meeting is the creation of a Project Brief, which is then submitted to the Operational Oversight Committee (OOC) for review. The OOC contains members from tax, licensing, general council and others to look at the activity. Your storefront application will be reviewed by all stakeholders in order to identify any relevant concerns, such as: Should sales tax be charged? Is the activity unrelated to the University's mission and therefore subject to Unrelated Business Income tax? Are there any licensing or copyright issues that must be resolved? etc.

Planning Phase (1 week)

After approval, Marketplace staff members will meet with you to discuss and refine your business processes, technical requirements, and training needs. This will guide your store development.

Implementation Phase (2 - 4 weeks)

Your store is created in phases that allow for your review of various design aspects. Typically, we start by tailoring the look and feel of the site to meet your individual preferences or existing website. Payment methods, product types, and custom reports are then customized based upon your technical requirements and business processes outlined during the Planning Phase.

Follow-up Phase

The ND Marketplace is committed to helping you continually improve your online store in terms of customer satisfaction and back office efficiency. We provide almost unlimited custom reporting capabilities, and offer a number of Search Engine Marketing and Optimization (SEM and SEO) services. Contact us to inquire about these additional free services.