For Customers:

One-Stop Shopping:

Visit our Notre Dame Stores & Products section where you will find all the e-commerce services that the university provides.

Customer Support:

ND Marketplace staff are happy to guide you through the checkout process should you have any questions. Please contact us for any help you might need.


Shop online safely and securely knowing that the ND Marketplace uses providers that are certified to meet Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) to protect your personal information.

For Merchants:

ND Marketplace merchants can choose between two different service options, described below:

Full Service E-Commerce Platform (uStore):

Store Design and Implementation

  • Your site will be designed and built with your unique business requirements and design preferences in mind. Visit our Process Overview page to learn how we work with you through our 5 step process to ensure that you'll be getting the most out of your e-business.
  • Your business needs will change over time, and its important that your online presence adapts. Take comfort knowing that your store can change as your needs change. Even though we are happy to help you make even the smallest changes to your site, the Store Manager interface is designed in such a way that the bulk of the changes to your store can be made with no programming experience. This allows you to focus less on maintaining your site, and focus more on what's important- your customers.
  • In addition to the ability to make specific changes to your store, the shopping cart application that powers your site will be automatically upgraded for you as newer versions become available. Therefore, your store stays up-to-date with all the latest features available.

Technical Support

All technical support is free. If at any time you have a question about your store, ND Marketplace staff is on hand to help.

Consulting Services

In addition to ensuring that your online business meets all government and university requirements and follows industry best practices through the Operational Oversight Commitee approval process, we are also committed to helping you continually improve your online store in terms of customer satisfaction and back office efficiency. We provide unlimited custom reporting capabilities, and offer a number of Search Engine Marketing and Optimization (SEM and SEO) services. Contact us to inquire about these additional free services.

Side by side comparision of uStores and uPay Services

Secure Payment Pages (uPay):

This service connects to an existing site that is designed and managed by your own department. We provide a page for secure credit card processing so that you can ensure the highest level of security to your customers while still using your own payment application.

If you choose to go with the uPay rather than the uStores service, we will still help guide you through the Notre Dame e-commerce approval process. With the support of the Credit Card Support Program (CCSP) Operational Oversight Committee, we will ensure that your online business meets all government and university requirements, and follows industry best practices. Please view our E-Commerce Guidelines to learn about what is required before you create your store.

Side by side comparision of uStores and uPay Services